Exhibition - 1st August - 9th October 2003

In three short years between 1964 and 1966 Robert Whitaker managed to compile a remarkable photographic dossier on the 20th Century's most astounding musical phenomenon - The Beatles.

As The Beatles official photographer he had unparallelled access to the band at work and at play.

His most famous shot is "Somnambulant Adventure" better known to Beatles fans as "The Butcher Cover."

"I did a photograph of the Beatles covered in raw meat, dolls and false teeth...all over the world I'd watched people worshipping them like idols, like gods, four Beatles. To me they were just stock standard normal people...Putting meat, dolls and false teeth with the Beatles is essentially a breakdown of what is regarded as normal. But they were only objects placed on the Beatles, rather like making a movie. I mean what you want to read into it is entirely up to you. I was trying to show that the Beatles were flesh and blood"

- Robert Whitaker

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