during the summer of 2002 we were proud to display 
an exhibition of photographs of George Harrison


george harrison

1943 – 2001

this photographic retrospective covered george’s life from his early beatle days in hamburg, through the heady era of beatlemania, to his solo success.


the photographs had been gather from some of the best photographers to have come in contact with george during his lifetime, including jurgen vollmerr, astrid kirchherr, barry feinstein, robert matheu, max scheler, robert whitaker, william coupon, mark seliger, and others.


 celebrating the many aspects of the “quiet beatle” the exhibition was a must for fans of george and the beatles alike, and what better time to hold the exhibition than at the international beatles week held in liverpool every year.


melissa storey, gallery manager, commented “we are pleased to present this exhibition in the city of george’s birth, especially at a time when so many fans will be in here to enjoy it.”