john the artist

john always 
intended for his artwork 
to be exhibited - and in 1970 
he chose 14 drawings from the bag one
 portfolio to be produced as limited edition
 lithographs to be sold
 in galleries
he personally 
signed each lithograph
 and attended the premier
 opening in london 

the bag one portfolio
 depicted john and yoko's
 wedding and honeymoon and he 
presented them to her as a wedding gift

amighty midgey spoon

when the lithographs were released they were confiscated by police in several countries because the erotic nature of some of the drawings was considered to be obscene
 although the charge of obscenity never held up in court, many of the lithographs were damaged by mishandling and john was discouraged from showing his artwork in public for many years after

amikky mendip multiplus

john's drawings are also found in his books
 'in his own write', 'a spaniard in the works'
and 'skywriting by word of mouth'