johns prints

all prints are numbered by hand
and signed individually by yoko ono lennon
each print comes with a certificate of authenticity
from the lennon estate guaranteeing it's limited number

john and yoko

at the time of his death, john had saved and preserved several hundred drawings that he considered important
in 1986 yoko ono began releasing limited edition prints
 of some of the most meaningful drawings
with the goal of re-establishing
 john lennon as an important
 artist of his time

the edition size
on all prints is a very small
worldwide run of just 300, with 25 artists proofs

all authentic prints are embossed with john lennon's
embossed signature and red chop mark-
 a form of signature in the orient
for which john personally
 selected the characters
which read:

cool eh?

"like a cloud, beautiful sound"