the mad day: summer of ’68 
will be showing at the mathew street gallery
from april 24th-may 18th, 2003

at 25, tom murray, lbipp, was the youngest photographer to be commissioned by the royal family.  mr. murray is the holder of a variety of international awards for his photographic work.  he apprenticed to lord snowdon and honed his skills as a portrait photographer.  this lead to a long resume of portrait subjects such as elizabeth taylor, john huston, and sir dirk bogarde to name a few

in the summer of 1968, mr. murray was invited to join the shoot for an album cover for a popular rock and roll group by a fellow photographer.  as it turned out, the band that they were shooting was the beatles

from five rolls of film, mr. murray kept 23 negatives which are some of the best photographs ever taken of the group.  the shoot was so last minute, and the schedule so hectic, the collection of photographs have become known as 
the mad day: summer of ‘68’ 



eleven years ago, christie’s appraised the mad day: summer of ’68 color negatives at $100,000 (us dollars) each for 23 negatives totaling $2.3 million


the locations for the shoot were random as the group could not stay in one place for too long as the crowds of beatles fans started to get out of hand

the locations were: a pocket park in highgate, a house at swain’s lane, old street station on the roof and a georgian square by the thames


thomas was invited back to paul mccartney’s home after the shoot for tea.  at that time, paul had four or five girls who regularly staked out the house.  when paul’s mercedes pulled up to the house and he came out, they were all screaming…then the other beatles came out of the car and the girls nearly fainted


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